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  I retired in June, 2015. Thanks for your past business. If you have a firearm that needs transferring, please send me an e-mail and I'll get you in touch with a guy that will do it reasonably. Use the contact link and make sure to put FFL Transfer in the subject line; I get a lot of jumk e-mails. 























About Pesty's Place

This is just a small, part-time job for me. My "real" job involves selling Pesticide equipment, and on the talk froums I'm know as Pesticidal. That got shortened up to pesty, so when I decided to start an FFL business, Pesty's Place seemed appropriate.

I do sell some guns, but my main business is firearms transfers. If you buy a firearm on-line, you'll need to ship it to a Federal Firearms licensee (FFL) such as myself. Once the gun is in my posesssion, you come out to my office and fill out the Form 4473, and I call in the information and get the approval to do the transfer. If you've got a clean history, you're out in 15 minutes or so. Less the 20 bucks I charge for per gun for the transfer, of course.

This particular gun is on my personal want list. A Coonan .357 auto-loader.

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